Orbit Staging

Suppliers of Stage Solutions Nationwide

Why Choose Us?

Orbit Staging have been established for over 30 years providing staging solutions across the UK. We offer nationwide coverage with a range of quality staging equipment, both from market leaders, and our in-house designed and engineered products. Our focus is to assure reliable and knowledgeable customer service at all times.

Our journey is all about smart solutions. From the tried-and-true Steeldeck and AliScaff decsk for indoor setups to the versatile Kwikform and adaptable Ringlock systems for outdoor events, we’ve got your staging needs covered.

Yet, supply Stage Roofs from  8 to 22 meters span an in any depth.

Contact us now and discover  – the Orbit way.

Who Do We Cater For?

Orbit Staging’s services and offerings are designed with a wide range of clients and events in mind, all seeking exceptional stage solutions. We proudly extend our expertise to the following potential target audiences who stand to gain from what Orbit Staging has to offer:

Event Planners and Organizers

Event planners and organizers who manage concerts, festivals, conferences, trade shows, and other large-scale events could benefit from Orbit Staging’s indoor and outdoor stage solutions. These stages can provide the necessary platform for performances, presentations, and engaging experiences.

Concert and Festival Promoters

We have a long pedigree in Supplying both performance Stages and all ancillary structures We can supply Stage Roofs upto 22m Wide as well as indoor Staging and Groundsupport systems

Corporate Events and Conferences

Companies hosting corporate events, product launches, seminars, and conferences often require stages for presentations and keynote speakers. Orbit Staging’s indoor Steeldeck and Alloy deck options offer professional platforms for these occasions.

Theatre and Performing Arts

Theater companies and performing arts groups could benefit from both indoor and outdoor stage solutions offered by Orbit Staging. The versatile options allow for creative staging designs that enhance theatrical performances.

Sports and Sporting Events

Sporting events, whether indoor or outdoor, often require elevated platforms for ceremonies, awards presentations, and entertainment. Orbit Staging’s range of stage systems can accommodate various sports events

Film and Media Productions

Film shoots, TV productions, and media events often require temporary staging solutions. We have many years experience from Simple Camera Platforms to multilevel structures for Audiences and Performers

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