Orbit Staging

Suppliers of Concert Staging Nationwide

Indoor Staging

At Orbit Staging, we can supply indoor staging from a simple platform or catwalk to a full arena stage . We have a vast experience in building indoor staging from a simple platform to a multilevel arena stage. Because we are not tied to any one staging system we can offer  either Steeldeck or AliScaff deck stages as well as scaffold based systems so you can always be assured we offer the ideal system for your application.

The adaptability of our stages means that your vision can take shape seamlessly, making each event uniquely memorable. Orbit Staging invites you to experience the power of indoor staging done right, where your event becomes a masterpiece in its own right.

Outdoor Staging

We supply a range of roofs from 8m to 22m span and for 2024 have ordered a 15m Ground support roof.

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